Wise Research - Research, reports, consultancy, daily news, articles, book reviews, and online resources for executives and industry professionals. The Loyalty Guide is a 470-page, full research report on customer loyalty and best customer marketing, worldwide. The Wise Marketer covers customer retention and loyalty marketing.
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Welcome to 49th.NET!

49th.NET is a trading name of editorial and marketing veteran Peter Clark, and provides a wide range of digital services including both digital & traditional marketing consultancy, authoring and editorial services, web site design and hosting, data-driven membership and online community sites, front end and back end programming services for a wide range of scripting languages and platforms, newsletters and online portals, research and publishing services, and much more...

The Wise Marketer

  The Wise Marketer provides free daily news reports and loyalty marketing information for marketing professionals, including surveys and research reports, loyalty and CRM applications, technologies, implementations, developments and updates, market forecasts, patents, corporate dealings, and more. This online publication gives marketers the pure facts without any hype, commercial bias, banners, or pop-ups. ...show me

The Loyalty Guide

  The Loyalty Guide provides a goldmine of practical information you can use to increase the profitability of your customer base, and comes with online access to working statistical models and formulae that show how a loyalty programme will affect your business. Packed with charts, diagrams, facts, figures, case studies, and online content updates, it's an excellent source of facts, figures and ideas for presentations, proposals and project tenders. ...show me

The Loyalty Companion

  The Loyalty Companion provides the same goldmine of customer loyalty and marketing advice as The Loyalty Guide report, but each of several different Loyalty Companion editions focuses specifically on a particular market sector, rather than providing case studies and market breakdowns for all the different sectors that are covered in the full Loyalty Guide report. Sectors currently available include:

The Marketing Guide

  The Marketing Guide distils all the marketing best practices, do's and don'ts, practical how-to's, research and wisdom of The Wise Marketer and its panels of experts from all industries, geographies and fields of marketing worldwide. This report is a must-have, packed with up-to-date facts and figures, as well as how to develop marketing strategies that really work, boost your brand's revenue and market share, measure your return on investment, and increase profits. ...show me

Wise Research (Research & Publishing)

  Wise Research is the research and publishing brand of 49th.NET, set up to provide specialist business intelligence on the latest worldwide developments in customer loyalty marketing, retail technologies, and leading-edge high technologies. The brand produces daily news journals and information sources on the internet, and publishes comprehensive research reports on those subjects. ...show me

Digital Marketing

  Traditional marketing is about pushing yourself at the right people, and them buying into your ideas. Web marketing is about being found by the millions of people who are looking for what they need. We consult on a huge range of digital and web-based marketing campaigns and strategies, and offer expert seminars and training courses on internet marketing and the techniques you'll need to succeed. ...show me

Clearer Communications

  Don't let your customers' attention stray! Keep their attention and don't lose them. Watch how you phrase things and keep them engaged. We will show you where your copy can go wrong, and explain how to win people over. We offer seminars, full training courses and business-wide consultancy to help your company profit from clarity. ...show me

Authoring Services

  49th.NET writes on demand: complete books, white papers, industry news and feature articles for your company. We draw up detailed business proposals, powerful sales letters and journalist-friendly press releases. For existing authors and copy-writers we offer assistance in getting work published, and provide a high quality editing service for existing works. ...show me

Web Services

  Your web site should attract a well defined audience and encourage them to visit regularly. 49th.NET creates and maintains complete database-driven web sites based on communities and memberships, and offers internet introduction seminars and training days. We are able to conduct convincing board-level presentations for you. ...show me

Web Portfolio

  49th.NET works with a variety of corporates, internet start-ups and even individuals to create just the right web site for their needs - whether they need an online community, a membership system, a sales mechanism, a catalogue or even a news service. Here we present a few of our many flagship creations. ...show me

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