Digital Marketing

Marketing Your Business

Marketing your company, products and services on the internet is a vast and complex business - there are dozens of channels through which you can get your message to the right people: email, blogs, social media, search engines, forums, banner adverts, directory listings, recommendations and links, messaging services, communities, chat rooms, online media reviews and advertorial... and so many other ways!

49th.NET is accomplished at leveraging the right combinations of channels, and targeting just the right groups of internet users. Campaigns can run from just a few weeks to many years depending on the exposure you want.

Web site marketing consultancy

According to recent information published in the Internet Times magazine, almost 70% of first-time visits to commercial web sites originate with search engine listings - as a direct result of a user's key word search. 49th.NET has extensive experience in manipulating search engine listings to give your web site the maximum possible exposure. This involves adjusting the web site itself, adding key words and 'meta tags' to your pages, and creating special search engine 'gateway pages' to cater for each search engine's own tactics and style.

Seminars & training courses

A working knowledge of internet marketing techniques is essential to anyone who wants to carry out and manage their own marketing campaigns. 49th.NET teaches those techniques in half-day seminars and two-day training courses for technical personnel.

Each seminar and training course attendee is shown how to use the internet to its best marketing advantage, and is given an information pack which details the resources they'll need to use, both online and offline.

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