Editorial & Authoring Services

Books, editing & author assistance

The 49th.NET editorial team writes books, white papers, news stories, articles, business proposals, sales letters, and press releases on demand... All you need to do is provide the raw materials and a rough idea of how you want it done.

If you have existing text or a book that needs editing, we can edit it to publication standard, too. If you're an author and would like some help getting your work published, we can help by writing your approach letter, book synopsis and author biography.

Our accomplished editors, authors and journalists have the literary skills to turn your ideas and thoughts into easily understood and clearly set out documents.

Proposals, white papers & corporate documents

From raw information, 49th.NET also creates clearly written white papers, perfectly structured business proposals and powerful sales letters. We have a proven track record in business and are called upon regularly to provide these essential documents for board meetings, technical briefings and marketing campaigns alike.

Press releases, articles & news

When it comes to announcing your company's successes, product launches and alliances, there's no substitute for a press release written by a journalist! By avoiding the common mistakes, more of your press releases, articles and news items will be published in the media - meaning more exposure and more publicity for the company.

49th.NET also provides regular research and editorial services for The Wise Marketer - the world's leading online news and research portal for customer loyalty marketing professionals.

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