Full Service Web Sites & e-Commerce Systems

Site building & systems analysis

From the analysis of your business needs, to the graphical design of your web site, to the programming of its database systems, through to the hosting and maintenance of your site, 49th.NET can take care of it for you. We specialise in corporate web sites with a strong membership or community aspect.

Your web site is more than just an online catalogue. Its most important tasks are to answer questions about your products and services, and to increase market awareness. If you sell things online, it also has to be as friendly as a 'mom & pop' grocery store clerk. 49th.NET consults for a variety of corporates and start-ups, and is always happy to work with new clients.

Member & community web sites

Membership-based sites are a great way of getting people to come back to your site again and again - and every time they visit, a little more about your products, your services and your message sinks in. They pre-qualify a visitor's interest in whatever you're promoting by making visitors commit themselves in a small way in order to find out more.

Community sites are even more valuable, often bringing like-minded members of a site into a close and trusted contact with each other. This forms bonds between members through your web site, and your site plays a constructive, memorable, and recommendable role in their business 'networking'. Experience shows that online communities tend to have a snowball effect, bringing more of your members' external contacts to your site as time goes on - which increases market exposure and awareness among people who are pre-qualified as being interested in your activities, products or services.

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