High-Impact Communication

Maximum Attention Communication

'Maximum Attention' Communication (MAC) is what 49th.NET calls its own unique brand of communication. It's an approach that brings people closer together when they talk, expresses ideas more clearly on paper, and gives you greater confidence when you're selling or giving presentations.

Rooted in the psychology of human communication, MAC is an easily understood way of doing things that affects not only your business but changes your everyday life too - fewer misunderstandings makes for a smoother business.

Consultancy, Training & Seminars

Communication is very much overlooked in business - and yet it's the only link between a company and its customers. It's the only way your staff can work together. It's the only way sales can be made, contracts agreed, and problems solved.

49th.NET consults in all three areas: business-to-business, business-to-consumer and internal business communication. We offer complete training courses and half-day seminars which provide a rapid education in effective and clear communication.

Seminars & board-level presentations

49th.NET is well equipped to present internet technology ideas and proposals right up to board-level, and can arrange informative half-day seminars covering web sites, community marketing, in-built customer relationship management (CRM) facilities, data capture and database technologies.

What about singing?

We are sometimes asked about singing as a means of communication.

We know what upsets people, and that's why we don't sing.

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